User reference list

of G.A.S analysers 


Company Country Analyser type Application/Components
Shell Pernis
Netherlands Lowox with GCMS
LV mineral oil in water
LPG analyser
HS, P&T, samplers
Oxygenates in various feedstocks
SGS Netherlands Several Petrochemical analysers
Shell Exploration Netherlands GCMS (TraceMS and DSQII)
Shell Chemicals Moerdijk Netherlands

 LPG analyser

Light HydroCarbons


Propylene / ethylene
with PDD

CO2 emission
Trace components in C2/C3
Shell research
Center Amsterdam
Netherlands approx 200 analysers on
Trace and CompactGC
GTL analysers
Hydrocarbon analyers
Biofuel analyser
Low Sulphur analyser
GCMS systems
Fisher Tropps analysers
Sabic Europe    
Saybolt Netherlands    
Solvay Netherlands Belgium    
Total Fina Netherlands Belgium    
Givaudan Netherlands CompactGC with Trap
and PDD
Sulfuric compounds
Heineken Netherlands CompactGC with Trap
and PDD
On-line Fermentation control
University Delft Netherlands Several CompactGC's  
    Several TraceGC gas analysers  
University Eindhoven Netherlands Several CompactGC's Fast Catalyst Research
University Utrecht Netherlands Several CompactGC with TCD
and FID
Fast Catalyst Research
Wageningen University Netherlands Several CompactGCs, benchtop GC's  
Univerisity Enschede Netherlands Several CompactGCs, benchtop GC's  
Avantium Technologies Netherlands Several CompactGC with FID
and 2*TCD
Fast Catalyst Research
Linde Gas

Several gas analysers

High Purity Analyser
Hygear Netherlands CompactGC with FID
and TCD
BP Refineries Rotterdam Netherlands LPG/Solvent analyser
Sample Securitiser
Chemicals / LPG
Yara Netherlands CompactGC  
Inspectorate Netherlands
Exxon Mobil Belgium CompactGC

permanent gases hydrocarbons

Philips Netherlands
Air Products Belgium Trace Gas Analyser  
Praxiar Belgium Gas analysers  
SGS Belgium Light Hydrocarbon Analyser  
Lanxess Belgium    
BASF Belgium    
Ineos Belgium    
Air Liquide  Belgium
Trace Gas Analyser   
Messer Benelux    
Intertek Belgium Lowox  
University of Antwerp Belgium Several CompactGC's and benchtop GC's Catalyst Research
University of  Gent Belgium Several CompactGC's and benchtop GC's Catalyst Research
Exxon Mobile France Permanent Gas Analyser  
Linde AG Germany CompactGC PDD and EZChrom '24/7' hydrogen
purity control
BASF Germany CompactGC General purpose
HTE Germany High trouput analysers  
Statoil  Norway  Compact GC with PFPD
LPG analyser
Simdist analyser
S in Natural Gas 
MOL Hungary  Simdist analyser   
TUV Austria    
Tuapse Refinery Russia RGA's
LPG analysers
Lukoil Refinery Russia PIONA  
Khabarovsk Refinery Russia DHA  
Shell Chemicals
Singapore Trace gas analysers Hydrocarbons +
permanent gases
Shell Bangalore research India RGA's
CompactGC with dual TCD+PDD
Titan Malaysia 15 Trace analysers,
various type with FID, TCD, PFPD, LPG inlet
Vietnam Petroleum Institute Vietnam  RGA  
UOP  USA CompactGC   
Shell Houston  USA  CompactGC  
Siemens USA    
Saudi Aramco
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Oil Company
Saudi Arabia



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