Reliable, fast and easy to use: CompactGC™

If you look at gas-analysis from a laboratory point of view, you would use a traditional "GC with valve-oven" because of its reliability. If you look at it from a process-controller’s "need-for-speed" angle, a micro GC would be the preferred choice. If you look at it in a smart way: you would not compromise, but rather opt for the new CompactGC4.0!

Being a hybrid technology design, the 19" CompactGC offers you the best from both worlds; it delivers reliable answers fast. Its draft ensures the highest level of robustness and therefore the most cost-efficient micro GC analysis available today.






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  CompactGC4.0 - Pre-Concentrator
  CompactGC4.0 Brochure

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Jan 17 18 2018

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